Ransided is a band based out of Joplin, Missouri. They play an eclectic styling of shoegaze, mixing a variety of elements from Rock, Punk, Metal, and Jazz into their music. Ransided consists of guitarist, singer, writer, and composer Anika Adame; drummer Edan Adame; and bassist Nathan Little, a fellow Joplin-based musician.

Ransided was formed in 2022 by Anika as a way to spread songs that she had written and composed. Her brother, Edan, joined her to add drums to her songs. After moving back to the Joplin area, Anika and Edan met Nathan at an open mic night; shortly after, Nathan joined the band.

Ransided has played gigs around Missouri and Kansas and are actively searching for more opportunities throughout the south and midwestern United States, no matter how big or small.

Upcoming Shows